What Should You Know About Eyeglass Lenses?

Eyeglass Lenses


Even if the medicine has improved a lot and you have affordable vision correction surgery, eyeglasses are becoming more popular. You can notice that high-profile brands like Calvin Klein and Gucci Glasses are continuing to be high in demand. You have revolutionized frame materials with new types of metal and various types of plastic.

But, besides looking for the perfect frame that will describe you, it’s also important to know what kind of lenses you need. This shouldn’t be done without your optician and you will need to have a prescription when you are ordering online. This industry grows slowly but steady so you now have all kinds of lenses that have their purposes. You can focus yourself on getting the right frame while your optician focuses on getting the right lenses.

Technology Advances

You can now adapt to any frame you like which is a big change for the market that is very competitive but you need to find the right manufacturer. Eyeglasses are now lighter, thinner and more appealing than ever before. Some of the types include aspheric, high-index plastic, wavefront technology, polycarbonate, photochromic, polarized, anti-reflective and other lenses.

The Aspheric type provides more accurate peripheral vision compared to conventional glasses and has a slimmer and more appealing profile. High-index plastic is lighter, thinner and provides reliable built-in protection from the sun’s UV. Wavefront is focused so on how the light travels to the eye which helps in sharpening your visual clarity.Check this for more information.

Polycarbonate kind is lighter and thinner compared to regular plastic which is a great choice for active adults, children, sports eyewear and safety glasses. Photochromic is all about UV protection and those are the type that becomes darker in sunlight. Polarized are very similar and they can reduce eye fatigue because they can diminish the flare from surfaces.

Lenses for Presbyopia

Presbyopia usually comes with age even if younger people can get it and it means that you will have a hard time reading. There are 4 different varieties you can make including bifocals, trifocals, progressive lenses and reading glasses. Bifocals are very interesting because you have a zone, usually on the top half, which is a zone for distance vision and the other is for near vision.

As the name says, trifocals have three different areas they cover which include far, intermediate and near. Most opticians can make them accommodate your lifestyle. Something that is much better is progressive models which have a lot of advantages over trifocals and bifocals. It is more expensive but you won’t have these zones, they allow a comfortable transition between distances.

Something that we call reading glasses is actually with a single vision that is meant just for tasks like reading. They have the power to magnify to give a clear view for those who have presbyopia. You can restore your vision when wearing them but distant objects will look blurry. You will be able to purchase these without a prescription but it’s much more precise after you do the examination.

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