Ways to use Machine Learning in Digital Marketing

Machine Learning in Digital Marketing


Analytics, automation, personalization and optimization are all the ingredients for a successful digital marketing campaign. Studies predict that by 2020 around30% of brands will be using AI machines in their sale processes.

Here are a couple of ways you can leverage the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve your digital marketing.

Better experiences

Brands that sell similar products and services can differentiate themselves by the quality of their customers’ experiences. This means that machine learning can help you as a marketer deliver a superior customer experience. For example, Netflix, which is a huge platform for streaming has gonebeyond its ratingsinto personalized rankings, search, image selection, page generation, and much more. They have used machine learning to suggest content that the customer is more likely to enjoy based on what they have previously watched. This allows them to boost their overall engagement metrics.

Quick customer service

Research shows that almost79% of customers prefer to live chat for getting their queries answered. Online customer service chatbots allow users quick replies, 24/7 availability, a good knowledge database to not only simple questions but complex questions as well – they can even assist brands with outbound marketing and send follow up tips and queries to customers. Artificial intelligence courses online can help you learn how to built and chatbots to help digital marketers save money and ensure better business outcomes. The chatbot built for Google helps customers find the best deal on products and services using voice search. This helps to drive up consumer engagement.

More precise content

You know how time-consuming good content can be. Fortunately, there is a machine-based tool available to learn such things.Curata and Vestorly are two tools that can send the right content to the right person when you need it – they can pull articles from social handles and other online destinations and personalize the content for your customers. They can help you to easily organize your content to engage, and inspire your audience, create content and suggest content that would do wonders for your brand, and even promote the curated post. They are used by big brands all around the world to churn out good content. Online courses in digital marketing can teach you all you need to know about these tools.

Stunning website design

Website design is a major component for a successful digital marketing campaign. Learning AI and machine learning can help you bring together your website to suit your user’s preferences, design the best practices, website heat maps, and much more. You can use this to create a website based on your user’s data rather than guessing what they like. Machine learning and AI web design tools can also collect data from millions of users and brands use this data to build stunning websites with information and designs that their customers love. Wix is an AI-powered tool that helps designers to create easy and amazing designs quickly and efficiently which increases customer engagement and conversions.

Final Thoughts

Machine learning and AI have eliminated traditional marketing and have brought marketers into the 21st century. It has allowed brands to augment, optimize, and automate their digital marketing campaigns in order to increase engagement and efficiency when it comes to consumers. Machine learning is the way forward and many students are now learning AI and taking up courses to learn how it functions, the basics, and how brands nowadays are using it. Artificial intelligence jobs are highly paid and in-demand all around the world, and the possibility of getting a job after taking this certification course is quite high. This course can be taken by beginners, or experienced individuals to learn or brush up on their skills and learn new ones which can be used in the industry. This will come in use when skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience are needed.

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