The Revelations for the Numerological Number 8 (08, 17 and 26 born people)

Numerological Number


The number 8 is ruled by the planet Saturn and is believed to be setting everything in balance. The main  objective of the life of a person who is a number 8 (while other numbers associated to him are not  impacting much!) is to balance out everything they strive for. Their days start with dealing matters in a  way to get maximum fulfilment of their goal.

Some of the key characteristics exhibited by the number 8’s are:

  • Both spiritual and materialistic
  • Authoritative
  • Self-confident
  • Egoistic
  • Inner wisdom to see what’s hidden from most of the crowd
  • Inner-strength to finish what’s started
  • Strongly oriented towards making money
  • Social-status sensitive
  • Dominating and controlling

Ruling planet: Saturn

Since the Saturn is farthest from the all other planet, it is not influenced by any and is able judge  everyone for what they are and do. Hence, Lord Saturn is feared for his nature of delivering justice  based on the Karmic accounts, even when there’s nothing to fear if one is watchful of his or her karmas.

Symbolic representation: Sign of Infinity (∞)

The symbol is all about the cyclic nature of life in general and whatever that gets started gets finished while changing at every turn (or angle to be precise). Thus, change is also an inseparable aspect of that  which is cyclic. Learning to think it as welcoming rather than frustrating can be a game changer while  moving ahead in life!

The symbol also calls for the need to balance as elaborated in the introductory lines. This need lays the  foundation of their being and the purpose of their life and set the ball rolling.

Understand every aspect of numerology by getting numerology certification online from a dedicated  teacher and illuminate the life of lost souls. But first take a look on the traits of the Number 8s for now!

Traits that fuel the life of the Number 8s

  • Hard-working people accomplishing tasks through completion
  • Spiritual eye that allows them to see reason in every mishap and learn for the road ahead • Believer in delivering justice
  • Concerned not for just self but the whole humanity
  • Survivors who are made tough by their circumstances and people around them Traits that they need to be wary of and try to improve
  • They get highly skeptic and judgmental of people around them. This can create rift in close relationships and lost business opportunities.
  • Number 8’s do not trust easily, which do not allow them to be open to others and accepting of the ideas shared by others.
  • Not seeing people around them following their instructions can frustrate them to no extent, making then formidable in anger. That strong emotion needs to be reined in from time to time. • They are often late in balancing relationships and material affluence. Minding later over the former can cost dearly.
  • The single-mindedness can be a boon but also bane if taken to the point of obsessiveness. The can work tirelessly and expect others to be the same but that trait needs to be kept in check.

When 8 is the Destiny Number

Following are the general expectation when the destiny number is 8:

  • All the tasks they undertake are full of issues and obstacles.
  • They empathize with people but mostly are not able to show their true emotions. • They are responsible for ground breaking accomplishments but with only after huge amount of trials and tribulations.
  • Continuous victories and consistent failure are the highlights of the life with Number 8. Only an experience numerologist can explain it all. Become one through numerology classes online! Conclusion and some words of caution

The number 8 is associated with the path to enlightenment. The wrongs that can happen in the life of  the people born on such a date and the struggles that they are subjected to in life shape them to be a  resilient person who often treat people callously. They fight on and prefer work solo to avoid conflict.  No wonder they are feared socially.

Depending upon the other important numbers in the life of the Number 8, their traits are strengthened  or weakened. They can thus be either a judge or a criminal, a saint or a fraudster, a social worker or a  forger, humanitarian or selfish businessman.

The Number 8s can suddenly renounce everything they own and take a completely different course of  life.

If you are intrigued with the Number 8 or any other number for that matter, learn more through an  online Numerology course and practice to become an expert.

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