3 Brown Eyeliner Looks That Will Make You Switch From Black Eyeliner

3 Brown Eyeliner


Do you often reach out for a black eyeliner? Well, it’s a crowd-favourite and one simply cannot go wrong with it. However, experimenting with your eyeliner is always fun! Especially when there’s a beautiful brown eyeliner in question.

It’s a Gen-Z-approved hue which helps you slay almost every other makeup look. It offers a softer dimension to the eyes which makes them appear dreamy! So, let’s have a look at three easy yet trendy ways to wear brown eyeliner, effortlessly!

1. Floating Wing

If you are someone who loves a fun, little out-there makeup look then you need to try this out. A floating wing is similar to a regular winged eyeliner. The key difference is instead of creating a liner over your upper lash line, you create a line on your crease line. Make sure to use brown eyeliner with a felt tip like Lancôme’s Artliner Eyeliner. It will help in creating a precise, unified liner which compliments your beautiful eyes!

2.  Dramatic Cat Eyeliner

You must have created cat eyeliner multiple times (and perhaps struggled a couple of times to even out the wing). Now it’s time to take things a notch up with thicker cat eyeliner. You need to create a wing on the outer corner of your eyes in such a way that it meets the ending of the crease line. Next, fill up the entire eyelid up to the crease line for the perfect dramatic eye makeup look. Voilà! You are all ready to steal the spotlight.

3.  Double Winged

This eye look takes your regular winged eyeliner a step ahead. Start off by creating a regular winged liner with brown eyeliner. Next, create a thin liner on your lower lash liner. Start from the inner corner and as you reach the outer corner of your lower lash liner create an upward wing. Make sure there’s a space better for your upper and lower lash wing. The spacing adds the glam quotient to this eye look.

Aren’t you tempted to try out these stunning brown eyeliner looks? So, what are you waiting for? Get a high-colour pay-off brown eyeliner like the Lancôme’s Artliner Eyeliner and create stellar looks. Who knows, it might become your go-to colour in eyeliners!

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