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Nowadays, people are aware of their own health, but it is not possible to maintain that awareness due to the corona. This is because being under house arrest all the time during lockdown has resulted in laziness, body fat accumulation and weight gain.

According to doctors, weight gain, fat accumulation and obesity means the birth of various problems in the body. Heart, liver, kidney problems, etc. are also gradually increasing. In this case, if people are not aware at the right time, the danger will come unknowingly. Therefore, those who are suffering from excess weight or are becoming obese; they should reduce the amount of rice and bread and increase the amount of fruits and vegetables. We want enough protein, vitamins and minerals with it.

According to health experts, 40 minutes of brisk walking is a scientific and easy way to lose weight. However, the correct diet must be adhered to. Many people stop eating or buy the wrong medicine to lose weight. But the amount of damage may increase. So you can follow the best weight loss tips without exercise to keep yourself fit and slim by reducing excess weight or fat.

Here are some weight loss tips:

Drink plenty of water:

Water plays an important role in maintaining the metabolism of our body and removing waste products from the body. So drink 4-5 liters of water every day. Drink 500 ml of water 30 minutes before lunch to lose weight fast. In addition, to keep the body hydrated, eat plenty of fruit juices and water-rich fruits, such as pineapple, watermelon, etc.

Eat methi water on an empty stomach:

One of the ways to lose weight or lose weight is to drink fenugreek water. The essential ingredients in it improve the body’s metabolism and help to flush out toxins from the body. As a result the body stays well and the excess weight is reduced. Soak two teaspoons of fenugreek in a glass of water the night before. Drink that water the next morning. It should be eaten on an empty stomach in the morning.

Follow the diet:

Eating foods rich in fats and carbohydrates should be reduced from the food list to lose weight quickly and lose weight. Reduce the amount of rice and bread and eat more vegetables and fruits. Protein foods, low calorie fruits, vegetables and whole grains should be included in the diet. Also eat three different types of fruits, five different types of vegetables and fiber-rich foods every day. In this case, according to your age, height and body weight, what foods to add to the diet and at what time to start eating in consultation with a doctor.

Regular exercise:

It plays the most important role in reducing fat and controlling weight. So walk for at least 40 minutes every morning and do free hand exercises. Do skipping and swimming daily. Also, Chakrasana, Halasana, Ardhchandrasana, Padhastasana, Triconasana, Dhanurasana, Raised Shirasana, Raised Padasana, Side Chandrasana, Ardhamatsendrasana, Sarbangasana, Matsasana, Paschimottanasana, Nari Shudhana, Exercise such as leaning from right to left, twisting the body, cycling in bed, sit-up, etc.

Eat slowly:

Take mental preparation to reduce food intake. Try to eat slowly. Increase the amount of chewing during meals. In this we can get more satisfaction with each bite. Instead of eating more than once, eat small amounts a few times. This leads to the mentality that we eat again and again. As a result, we become more aware of the amount of food we eat.

Sleep well:

There is a need for sleep to keep you healthy and lose weight. So try to get at least 8 hours of sleep a day. This will help you lose weight and keep your body fit. People who wake up at night are more likely to gain body fat. Do not use any mobile phone or laptop for 30 minutes before going to bed. Finish dinner between 7:30 and 8:00, go to bed at 10, and get up at 5 in the morning because, if you do not sleep well at night, it helps to increase your body fat.

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