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Enjoying The Benefits of Your Irrigation System

irrigation supplies and systems.


The correct installation and maintenance contribute to creating a green lawn of the irrigation system. A lush green lawn is available to any homeowner. While it is possible to get a healthy property without a sprinkler system, you will spend most of your time fiddling with the hose and sprinkler rather than enjoying the lawn.

How to benefit from your irrigation system, keep these tips in mind:

In early fall and early summer, make sure your entire irrigation system is completely clean and tested. The sprinkler heads can break during the season, bump or budge, resulting in uneven watering of your lawn.

At this stage, replace the backup batteries for your timers so that there is no need to reconfigure the entire system in the event of a power outage while on vacation. Ensuring everything is working as expected is the first step to getting the most out of your irrigation supplies and systems.

Check the lawn and garden spraying pattern after ensuring all mechanical parts are working properly. To do this, place about five identical, straight-sided containers around your lawn. Turn on the system for a specified period. After turning off the water, measure the water in each container.

It should be about the same; otherwise, some parts of the lawn will receive more water than others, which can cause uneven color and lead to disease in some areas of the lawn. It is important to check the space where the dual-head sprayer overlaps.

Water deeply and infrequently. It can be nice to see the sprinklers start every morning when you go out to get the newspaper; however, this is not the best watering strategy for your lawn. Your lawn will need one to one and a half inches of water twice a week.

To check how long it takes to fill your lawn with that amount of water, use the same method you used to test the coverage of your irrigation heads. Turn on the water and check the containers. When each has an inch of water in each, turn off the sprinkler system and record how long it took.

Grasses are susceptible to a range of bacteria, insects, and fungi. In addition, the stems of the grass have the opportunity to dry out during the day so that they cannot accumulate fungal spores and allow the disease to take over.

Use different settings for lawns and flower beds in your garden. It is important for the health of the lawn and flowers that the watering points are separate for both sites. Otherwise, you will end up with dry flowers and wet grass or damp flowers and even wetter grass.


The best bet is to hire a landscaping or irrigation contractor to help you make the necessary adjustments. You will be sure you are getting the most out of your irrigation system.

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