Best Recruitment Practices for Staffing Agencies

Best Recruitment Practices for Staffing Agencies


A strong recruitment process is essential for staffing agencies to succeed in the highly competitive market.

How can you make sure your process is efficient and effective in light of the increasingly remote nature of recruitment?

According to a survey, 51% of recruiters interviewed candidates remotely and 42% made job offers remotely. And while there are many more candidates available, it is still difficult for companies to find people with the right skills. Staffing agencies have to change how they hire with the increasing number of remote jobs and the skills shortages.

The good news is that staffing agencies can incorporate digital tools such as pre-employment assessment, video interviews, and automation to allow for changes to keep up with the changing environment.

We’re sharing 4 best practices that staging agents can use to help with recruitment. Let’s get hiring!

1. You should be focusing on your clients’ individual needs

Finding the right type of employee is the first step to hiring the right people.

  • Ask your client
  • What does the role look like?
  • What are you looking for?
  • What is your budget?

It is possible to get a better understanding of your client by asking a few questions early in the recruitment process. You can then use that information to determine which recruitment strategy is best for each position.

It is important to recognize that each client will have different needs for different jobs. You can help them understand this. Some roles may require specific skills and experiences, while others will need more general abilities, such as communication skills.

A flexible recruiting process is essential to ensure that your staffing agency can meet these needs.

2. Set a clear time frame

There is no need to create a daily plan for each stage of your hiring process.

It is important to be realistic about your deadlines and set a time frame. This is not only important for your staffing agency but also for your clients. By including a timeline in your process, your client will know the date by which you will have a candidate. This will allow them to feel confident in your process.

Also, if you notice any delays, be sure to inform your client.

The best way to establish a time frame with your client is by determining when they want the job to start. Once you have established a start date, it is possible to build a recruiting process backward from that date. To illustrate, if you have a client that needs a specific role filled within 8 weeks, this date can be used to draw up a timeline.

3. You can take online assessments

71% of businesses featured in the Candidate Environment Research Report claimed that they have used pre-employment assessments. It’s true. They work.

Online assessments can be a powerful tool for staffing agencies in finding the right talent for a job. By using assessments specific to job roles, you can determine if candidates can handle the situation and make a hiring decision.

Imagine that you are hiring customer service employees. To determine if they are capable of working in the industry, you could test them for the spoken, multitasking, or situational judge.

Online assessments provide candidates with a preview of what a job requires. Candidates can take a situational judgment or skills test to help them prepare for the kinds of situations they will encounter in a job. Then they can decide if they’re suitable for the position.

These assessments will also reveal the transferable skills your candidates have. If a candidate applied for a role but failed a test that indicated they may be a suitable fit for another job, you can still recommend them to the new position. This allows you to speed up the hiring process and ensures that talent is not lost.

4. Match candidates to the right positions

This is the best practice. It is about determining what role a candidate would be a good fit for.

In recruitment, you can use matching technology to automatically assess a candidate and match them to the right job. When you add assessment tests to your assessment process, it will automatically rank the candidate based upon their results. The tool will then show you which job they are best suited for.

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