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5 Iconic Painters You Ought to Know About

Edvard Munch painting


Paintings are one of the most liked pieces from the home décor category. We all admire them for their unique combination of patterns, colors, and designs. However, the great painters who created such beautiful paintings for us are usually overlooked. There are some iconic painters in the world who gave so many extraordinary pieces of artwork to exemplify the interior’s beauty. It’s our honor to discuss the top 5 iconic painters today. Having paintings by these 5 painters is truly a big thing for the people. So, let us start…

1. Vincent Van Gogh Paintings

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most celebrated painters across the globe. His paintings have a unique sense of attraction that tends to impress millions of art connoisseurs. It is a great fact that Vincent Van Gogh painted 900 pieces from November 1881 to July 1890. Vincent Van Gogh painting collection included both landscapes as well as still life artworks. His paintings are famous for the use of extremely bold hues to increase the beauty of every piece. His famous paintings include Starry Night, Poppies, Almond Tree, Sunflowers, The Bedroom, etc.

2. Paul Gauguin Paintings

Paul Gauguin is another iconic painter you should know about. Initially, he was a trained impressionist but later he switched to the Symbolism style of painting.  It is said that famous artist Pablo Picasso was inspired by Paul Gauguin. It is really strange that earlier he did not receive the deserved recognition. However, as of today, he is appreciated for the radical color usage in his paintings. Tahiti is one of most beautiful Paul Gauguin painting, which was inspired by the French Peninsula lifestyle. If you love landscape paintings, you should not miss out on his collection to find some of the classic pieces.

3. Kamisaka Sekka Paintings

Kamisaka Sekka is a renowned painter who pulled appreciation for a unique blend of Conventional Japanese art with Modern Art. He was an expert Rimpa Style painter who gave a lot of masterpieces to art lovers. He did not just create paintings on canvas but also different surfaces like ceramics, textiles, lacquerware, etc. When it comes to the best Kamisaka Sekka Painting, Momoyagusa is on the top. It is a sequence of woodblock art and comprises 3 volumes. People who want a combination of the traditional and modern styles of art should check out his collection of paintings.

4. Edvard Munch Paintings

Edvard Munch was one of the most productive and influential supporters of modern art. This Norwegian painter took inspiration from three different art styles: Post Impressionism, Symbolism, and Expressionism. With an emotionally charged mental state, he created masterpieces that give a sense of loneliness. The Scream was one of the most high-end Edvard Munch painting. Do you know how this masterpiece got painted? It’s interesting! It is claimed by Edvard that one fine day, he heard “the scream from nature”. This strange thought was behind his renowned creation.

5. Henri Rousseau Paintings

Henri Rousseau was a leader for avant-garde painters who resisted traditional rules to mark their creative path. He was a self-trained painter who don’t have any formal art training. Though formal training was missing in his case, he was respected by celebrated artists such as Pablo Picasso. It would be great for you to know that Pablo Picasso showed a gesture of love and respect by throwing a banquet for him in the 20th century. And, it became one of the most remarkable events at that time. Isn’t it amazing?

Talking about the most famous Henri Rousseau’s Paintings, Tiger in the Tropical Storm in 1891 tops the list. There are many more paintings available in his collection. You can check them out online.

Final Thought

Whether you want something modern or highly conventional, the painting collections of these 5 painters are really versatile. There is something for every type of art lover. Get the masterpieces for your sweet home or near & dear ones. We are sure that you will be mesmerized by the bizarre painting collections of these 5 iconic painters around the world.

Once you check out their painting collections, let us know your choice in the comments below.

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